Unbuggy Gcombat

I accidentaly deleted my gcombat :suicide: , and went looking for a new link and I got the one off of garrysmod.org and the names of the weapons were messed up, and some models for the nukelauncher, and bignuke were missing… If anyone could point me in the direction of a working link that would be apprecitated…

Check trashbin? Wait, dosent GCombat have a svn? no idea about link if it has

I emptied the trash bin after deleting a bunch of things I forgot to restore Gcombat :suicide:
Oh and I searched for an SVN but I couldn’t find the SVN for Gcombat core, only GCE and GCX…

For that matter the svn version of Gcombat is outdated, the current version is 08.1 or something.

Was just about to say that
the SVN was abandoned

Rate me late

ok thanks guys I’ll just get that one on gmod.org that has no pics, and kind of scares me… :ohdear: