Uncertain if the ban was a mistake?

Hiya, just a bit confused as to whether my “VAC” ban on Rust was an error or something?
I don’t have any cheats, but I often get kicked from servers for having a bad ping? Dunno if that’s something to do with it.
Anything other than cheats that could flag this ban?

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

This is the wrong place to question your VAC ban. Contact the Valve support, we can’t help you.

Oh, okay. Thanks.

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Maybe you aren’t using cheats to fly around or aimbots, but anything that you may have used or done to alter the gameplay in any way, this includes messing around with the game files, using certain programs that alter the screen in any way (map overlays?), inject “special effects” into the direct 3d dll files, or even access the game memory while playing can trigger a VAC ban in up to 2 months after the use. These are only examples and you’ll have to find what caused your ban, since you claim not to have cheated.

I suggest you get rid of those things and buy the game again. Anyway, this thread should be closed.

Programs that alter gamma do not cause a VAC ban, neither do macros. Please know what you’re talking about before telling people what will cause a ban.

Guys VAC isn’t a ‘hmm why is that guy flying’ kind of anti cheat. it’s a ‘hmm why does that dude have a known fly hack injected into the game?’ type of anti cheat. You were either cheating, or using some kind of program (e.g some kind of recording software) that is not in VAC’s whitelist. If that is the case, contact valve and see if they can whitelist that software, but from what i’ve seen they do not remove VAC bans on any occassion.

Valve unbans people when VAC makes mistakes. VAC rarely makes mistakes.

^ :eng101:
Buy the game again and next time don’t cheat or simply do not alter the game files . If it was a false positive there were thousands banned at the same time .
People don’t get banned for playing with their gamma , neither from using a recording software .

These threads and these people are getting tiresome. It’s not even fun anymore.

Honestly, I don’t know why you people try to get unbanned when you have hacked.
The hack name.

The thing he posted after getting banned.

That was in February though. I guess that guy bought Rust again, cheated again, got banned again. Einstein would laugh.

That’s a Japanese flag. flagdog finds Hit_Girl (in this thread) on a US IP. Also, that post is two months old, and the name is not exactly rare or unusual as far as usernames on the Internet go. If we were talking about Hit_Girl550303_2010 or something, and both names had the exact same numbers thrown on, different story.

VAC probably didn’t make a mistake here, but you really need to do a better job if you’re going to call someone out and present evidence. The Rust Junior Detective Brigade has some serious ethics issues.

I think you might mean Darwin.

I was referring to Einstein’s quote about how it’s insane to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. But Darwin would laugh, too, I’m sure. :smiley:

Ooh you’re right, good call!

Is this what jokes have devolved down to?

While it honestly shouldn’t be something to anticipate, I have a feeling once the big update being worked on hits we’ll go from this back to “the spirits of my ancestors got into my Steam account and used hacks on just Rust! Can I get unbanned!?” and the like.

Vac is nowhere near perfect but its the best anticheat out there