Uncharted 2 Originals: Mr. Not-So Invincible

I love the regenerating health even when you’re basically not wearing any kevlar or a space marine suit.
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Okay, beside the obvious statement that this isn’t made with Garry’s Mod and how the comic forum is part of the Garrys Mod Section, I still want to show you guys (guys as in fellow comic makers and other audiences who enjoys comics) the comic. Of course, if the moderators disagree with me, then allow this comic to be moved to the Sony section.

Author’s Note

  • Some people from Gametrailers.com helped me out with this comic.
  • No cover for this? OH MY GOD.
  • Trying to get these guys to organize is a pain in the ass because I don’t have a mic. So I just used what fits best with the story.
  • Might be the very first Uncharted 2 comic made with the Uncharted 2 game.

How come in Panel 6 they called each other sir?

Is that gmod?


Oh nvm, I read now that it isn’t.
Well it was a nice comic anyway.

Uncharted 2 wasa good game.

good comic.