Uncharted 4 models?

Any progress on extracting from the game? If P.T. on PS4 could be datamined does that mean this game could?

as far as i understand from people i’ve talked to who have gotten PS4 models is currently only games from launch through 2014 can be decrypted, that’s why only Infamous Second Son, PT, Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall and others from that time period have been extracted and not later ones like Uncharted, Bloodborne etc, this is what i was told anyways

I’m working on Uncharted 4 models now.

that’s awesome

Damn, Might we know in what stage are you on? How many time it will take to get the models? I’m so hyped… (I really liked UC4 models, they are so HQ).

Wow, that’s amazing!

I got model fully rigged and working. You can expect somebody to release some models soon.

Oh that’s really nice! I hope Nathan is on that ‘models’ he will release!!

Very cool! Will also be tool to extract from files?

you’re literally the only person i’ve seen get anything from later ps4 games, would be cool to also possibly see Until Dawn or Bloodborne in the future

Literally, I’m not getting anything from PS4. But I can assure you, there will be models and tools available. And want to make it very clear: models will be free, and tools to extract more models (from files) will also be free.

p.s. after U4, there will be more, probably including those you mentioned :wink:

Extracting the pkg is a thing now?
Daemon, you got me really hyped. :slight_smile:

That above was NPC. Main chars are much more detailed:

this are great news what other game you have? horizon zero dawn?

Now with textures:

HOLY SHIT! RAFE ADLER! Can’t wait to see other models, you guys are fuckin’ lit.

Since most of the custcenes are pre-rendered, i expect the texture quality to be shite.

All the cutscenes in the game are rendered in real time, uc 1-3 were pre rendered

some i don’t actually think are even though they claim they are, very select few cutscenes won’t apply their outfits and on Lost Legacy a select few cutscenes won’t change her facial expressions or hide characters even though you change the options, the majority of cutscenes do though

The game does have pre rendered screen wipe transitions that quickly switch back to real time, since doing that in real time would be impossible. Easy way to tell if a cutscene is real time is to zoom in during photo mode. Only chapter i encountered that you cant change outfits is the prologue, probably because of the different facial structure for young drake. Could be wrong

I would like to know which cutscenes you’re talking about?