Uncharted models and .pak file type

Found something like this.

Anyone tried to open these .pak files with programs like WinZip 12 Pro, VCOM PowerDesk Pro, Astonsoft Archivarius, Leinen Pak Explorer or Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe?
These programs can open PAK files, but

  1. I don’t know what type of PAK used in Uncharted,
  2. It’s hard to me now to download all archives frome the link.
    Can someone download one of the program and maybe try to open one of this files

I support this, these models are great

lol I was playing this earlier, great game

I’m sure no one will do it. I even made a thread about this, all it did was die. This one will probably die too.

Ehh, bad :C


Jeff the Cameraman and Flynn would be interesting. Support if this does happen.

If someone did this, I would love them forever.

Support, excellent series is excellent.