Uncharted World - Mass Effect pose (first official pose)



Another edit:

First official pose, CC and comment please.

I like it.




Sweet. Great depth-of-field.

Thanks man!

Looks very wallpaper-like(stuff on the right, empty on the left).

Emptyness works nicely in this pic.

I wanted to have the sun, so you could see the light source really

I had this on the works but this was before my card died. :frown:


I hope we start seeing some mass effect theme’d pics, this one is good. I want to attempt a Tuchanka scene build.

If you liked this one, you’ll love this one:

Ooooo, thats mine! :smiley:

But yeah, nice pic. Great depth of field!

Nice sense of scale. Shame about the ground texture though.

Dude, this shot is tight. Nice work!

Yeah, the texture on that map looks like a chessboard or something


I mean, look at it!

… that ain’t right.

That happens to me in a different way, as in the textures are all outta whack.

I thought so :v:

New wallpaper, really nice.

I wanna see more Mass Effect/Space themed stuff on FP :smiley:

Gah I fucking hate that term “official pose”.

Anyway looks boring as hell, the concept is good, but the execution is poor, I don’t want to be looking at 3 models on atomic.

You could of done a lot more to make this interesting. The only thing that made me hit Artistic was the fact that you nailed the scale of the land compared to the ship.