UnchartedRP (merged with CommunityRP)

Please do not lock this thread! I believe I may have put my last thread in the wrong category so I changed it. Hopefully this is correct :slight_smile:

Hey guys. When I started DarkRP I felt really restricted and modifying it was not user friendly at all. So I decided to make a new rp gamemode! I am currently looking for partners to help me with coding and ideas (the hardest part for me).

I will have a test server running when I get version 0.0.1 (lol) finished. If you are interested please contact me via facepunch (me), steam, or skype (vman411gamer).

Thanks! I am not open to any criticism since I just started…Be an asshole after I release it please. Thanks :slight_smile:


Website is up! www.UnchartedRP.org
feel free to post any ideas!


UnchartedRP is officially merging with Community Roleplay. We are going to be working together and it will continue to be called CommunityRP. Please post any ideas there:


Nice idea’s, but how is this different form every other RP gamemode already available? Since they all claim they are flexible and user friendly too.

The difference is I am the creator :dance:
I am mainly making this for my server but I wanted to give it to the community also because people have great ideas and may also want this gamemode. A big thing that lacks in other gamemodes is flexability in jobs. That is the base for this gamemode. Also for other features some people like and others hate I will be putting in a toggle so you pretty much tailor your server to how you like it.
Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

I was afraid you were going to say that…

I was just kidding (hence the dancing smiley face)
In all seriousness a huge part of this will be the toggling so people can tailor the gamemode to their style of gameplay.

The community has already solved that problem, the creation of roleplay frameworks and the application of schemas. Why try and fix something that is not broken?

I am not trying to fix anything. Like I said this is mainly for my server and I am giving it to the community if they want it. The best way to have the most flexibility for anything is to build your own because you can make it whatever the hell you want.

Why are there no screenshots if its the best roleplay gamemode. I don’t think its very good to release a gamemode thats in stage 0.01 and its basicly nothing right now.

Why rebuild the framework though? You can build whatever the hell you want with a schema. ‘I might give it to the community’ is not an excuse for server advertising, you need to commit to releasing it and then maybe put up you’re own official server.

Just my opinion…

Its not a release

I wasn’t advertising anything?

From what your github readme says, this’ll give me the most flexibility I could ever want from RP? Sandbox RP gave me more flexibility than what your current progress is giving me.

Advertsing… Le problem?

Please instead of being a smart ass give me some ideas??? I feel like that would be a better idea

them forums yo.


Roleplaying in sandbox is the best theres no need for these fancy gamemodes. What else can you want just choose a playermodel and be god and spam props everywhere.

I wasn’t really trying…
Want to see me trying???


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UnchartedRP is the name of the MOD not the SERVER

so not I was not advertising my server

It’s not all the style but I don’t really care. Please lock this thread

But where’s the fun in trying to escape the shame by requesting for this thread to be locked?