Uncle Solf

[https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17239680/Facepunch/Photoshop Contests/ScreenshotEdits/Solf/FHD.jpg](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17239680/Facepunch/Photoshop Contests/ScreenshotEdits/Solf/QHD.jpg)

Optional music :v:

who the heck is uncle solf

this tells me nothing

Just the name of the guy in the picture. It’s kinda vague on purpose, Solf was a character my uncle played something like 10 years ago in the MMO City of Heroes. I’ve been jonesing for that game lately, but it’s dead.

Haven’t done a picture in a while, so I figured I’d just recreate a hero for fun. Turned out nice enough so I made a thread instead of sticking it in the “doesn’t deserve a thread” thread.

I think the effects are really nice. Very colorful.

this is the most killing floor thing in gmod ive ever seen and yet it has nothing to do with it

Damn, that Dark Soldier looks really shit. (Not because of you, really shit model.)

love it, great colors man

Nice name XD and beautiful picture :3