Undead wandering around Morgue of Hospital.

:siren:Bonus if you know what movie I got the zombie with the pistol idea from!:siren:

Picture music:


What map?
Good pic though the one guys leg is in a weird fasion.


Nice mix of zombies. Impression of decomposing on different stages. Fat guy in the back looks fresh:)


Pistol from day of the dead.

VERY close. :wink:

Dawn of the dead.


Where’s my bonus?

Fear, your posing is usually good but this is just awful…

doesn’t look like realistic zombie movement.

Some of the zombies are posed good others aren’t, some are a bit too stiff lossen them up.

And good man for going with walking zombies, i give you +5 points for that.

Posing could be a little better, but otherwise good. Like the mix of fresh and rotting zombies.

NO! Map doesn’t exist! NOOO! (or i cant find it) Link would be nice. But the 4th zombie from the right of the girl looks like he got picked up by the head and was frozen. Anyways it’s a good pose.


She looks awfully stiff, like some other zombies.
Some better posing would have giving this more life :stuck_out_tongue:

They deleted it. :frowning:

Naaa. They are zombies. There is suppose to be some regis mortis involved. The Left 4 Dead zombies are ridiculously agile and fast. Although fun I admit.

As if there was a standard to zombies?