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this is my latest theme of images, i just keep getting thoughts of what mass effect would be like in present day


C&C is welcome

img is broke

give it time to load

It indeed seems to be loading unusually slowly compared to images from other sites, any possibility of a reupload?

I think the L85 might be a little obsolete after 200 or so years

cool picture nevertheless, maybe a little empty

There’s no school but the oldschool! :slight_smile:

A little shadows on the ground would do some good to the pic! Otherwise nice.

The rifle looks rather out of place in that setting.
Decent scene overall though.

Turians don’t stand like that and the whole pic feels empty. Nicely built though.

I thought Shepard was scratching his balls while looking at Liara for a minute.

It’s not bad, I suppose a better; more cinematic angle would be better for it. But it’s not, a little plain, though, too.

Also, what map is that?

flatgrass night

Fuck it’s a scene-build. :v:

Should have known.

i know you’re all saying the rifles are out of place but i did say

Mass Effect’s universe in present day would be exactly like the world is now, most likely.

Humans don’t start doing stuff untill 2069, and don’t discover the mass relays untill 2148 :eng101:

That Turian is a flatfoot! They usually stand on what looks like their toes. Aside from that, excellent scene build and posing!