You are currently a Undercover Terrorist. What do you do?


A: Go inside.
B: wait for someone to come out.

(You have a silence pistol, also.)


dont mind the shitty assmod bar at the top- this is not expose to be shader’d and shit either.

Oh great, another interactive.:frowning:

C: Shoot yourself.

D: Bind a key to +ASS_menu.

Open up that Ass mod and kill every enemy.




Pose better.

Turn up your graphics.

and come up with an original idea that isn’t a interactive comic that you will forget
after a couple of days.

Position yourself behind the haystack near the silo and throw something to cause a lot of noise.
Wait for someone to come out and shoot them.

Use your spidey powers you just got instantaneously and get on the top of the silo and snipe anyone who comes out of the building.


Do something worthy of being in Just Cause 2

well excuse me i have a shitty graphics card for a replace ment. excuse me i cant make you happy. anyways. im doing it in an hour.

wow someones angry


thread title is misleading

i was expecting something like this


That’s waaaay better than this shit

thanks bud