Under Done RP

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We Need mapers!

UnderDone rp is a half life 2 rpg gamemode, it is set in the middle of half life 2. You are a refugee who has run into some bad luck, and now resides in a bunker, and is told to leave and do tasks for the otehr bunker residents.
We are gonna try to make this gamemode feel more like and RPG then rp, with a greater npc influence.

Major Changes from other rps
[ul]We do not use classes[/ul]
[ul]We save all your data[/ul]
[ul]We try to understand teh fans, as best they let us :P[/ul]

[ul]Fully working inventory[/ul]
[ul]Skills that influence your game play[/ul]
[ul]Some minor player customiation options[/ul]
[ul]Tasks (quests)[/ul]
[ul]Symptom system[/ul]
[ul]In-depth item system[/ul]
[ul]In-depth npc system[/ul]
[ul]Atracive menus/gui[/ul]
[ul]Verry small DL time (map sizes may effect ovbusly)[/ul]
[ul]Stats system (including hunger/thirst)[/ul]
[ul]Modder Freindly Code[/ul]

You want to write code for UD?
That is great because its never been easier. I have tried to make customizing Ud as easy as posible and am always trying to amke it even easier.
With all the code you will see here all you have to do is add it to a shared file, or add it to an existing list.

Example codez:
This is the hunger code from UD, you don’t have to worry about gui or anything like that just add or take away this code.
Stats[“HUNGER”] = {
NAME = “Hunger”,COLOR = Color(100,200,100,100),DEFAULT = 100,MAX = 100,ADJUST = -.1,
HITZEROFUNC = function(ply) ply:Kill() end,
HITFULLFUNC = function(ply) end,

This is the skill “Luck” from UD. Every skill has a NWInt for it that represents the level at witch that player is at.
You can use that to adjust events around the otehr code.
Skills[“Luck”] = {
NAME = “Luck”,DESC = “Increase the amount of money you get from npcs.”,ADD_EACH_LEVEL = 2,LEVEL_MAX = 10,
CHANGE_FUNCTION = function(ply) end,

This is the code to make a new npc, be suported by UD.
NPCTable[“npc_antlionguard”] = {
NAME = “Antlion Gaurd”,DESC = “A big mean thing.”,MODEL = “models/AntLion.mdl”,EXPGIVEN = 180,
SYMPTOM = {BrokenLeg = 100,Cuncushion = 150},MONEYDROP = {MIN = 100,MAX = 150},

This is the code to make a new task.
Tasks[“HobosNeedFood”] = {
NAME = “Hobos Need Food Too!”,
"Homeless people outside the fort are starving, but we
"can’t let them inside! Gather some shoes, and give them
"to the homeless!
TOGET = {food_shoe = 15,EXP = 2000,},
REWARD = {item_dollars = 50,EXP = 500,},

Now wasn’t that easy, you can do that!

Screen Shots:

Looks nice. some more details?

Yeah, what kinds of features does this have?

like i said not much to talk about, but ill scrounge up some more stuff to think about :D.

EDIT: Changed the original post with some more info.
EDIT: Actually if people can suggest any skills (i.e. running or things that you would raise when you level up) that would be nice.

Shouldn’t it be Underground RP instead of Under Done?

Skill ideas: speed, jumping, slower hunger, ability to take more damage, ability to do more damage, SHINY SKEENZ :smiley:

under done was a alpha name because at first it was well, under done and it stuck from there.
thanks for the skill ideas i actually will probably use them.

Looks pretty good i guess

Ok so i just finished the plug in system to now people can make things like radiation mod without effecting the core code, the hunger and thirst stats you see in the screen shots are actually plug ins i have made.
So when the main game is release most work will be on making more and cooler mods, also people who are interested with this game mode can make some too :D.

Smeagol wants it…Smeagol needs it… But seriously, it’s really awesome, I want a copy :3.

Whats the point of it? To become the most powerfull player?
To kill eachother?
Roleplay like any other gamemode?

its an rpg so its gonna be like, do quests, kill monsters, party up with friends, maybe PVP a little. the usual rpg or mmo experience.

looks good hope to see moar

Hmm. Is this going to be publicly released ? :3

Looks and sounds good.

thanks, and easy eventually it will be released publicly. We will get a server up for this nearing the end of the week. Lots of progress has been made, and we are very exited to get this too you.

As always we welcome your suggestions.

Great news on the public release :slight_smile: Thanks.


I have a 18 slot server you can use, if you want to. :3

Add Fatigue I want to have to sleep after 25 minutes and also i can be turned off

i will map 4 u also :slight_smile:

wow guys thanks,
um sleeping brings back your health, and there a skill to raise the rate at witch you heal.

Zavvy if you really want to host us you can pm me and we can exchange e-mails.

Guys thanks for all the support and any comments or questions are welcome :smiley:

if so than make it it takes a long time to regenerate healh while sleeping…

it does but you can upgrade your skill to make it go faster
and can only do it in the bunker