Under Foot


Lot of emptyness on the bottom right. Should have filled it with some garbage or similar.

I read the title as “Dear Foot” for some reason. I expected some sort of a letter about a person writing to his foot, which is kind of weird O_o.

Dearest Foot,

Get a job

It looks pretty cool but the map brushwork is just very noticeably sharp and un-detailed. You could throw in a bunch of vines and foliage, some garbage, benches, ect to try and break up those edges and make it more “bumpy” i guess. Like adding vines to the walls and garbage to the floor “bring it out” of it’s constraints

The posing, emotions and colors are pretty chill and squared away (little dark in my opinion) but it would look really cool with some additions to the scene

Yay something different for once.

It’s hard to focus on something though because the camera angle is a bit iffy but that’s my only gripe with the image.
Posing is pretty solid. Could use some Three-Point Lighting.

I really don’t see how you can’t see the two focal points in this image, considering both of them are brightly lit and the rest is left in shadow.

the chromatic aberration is unnecessary and looks pretty bad

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there are focal points but the only ragdoll that isn’t blurred to hell and back is the medic so it makes the composition weird. don’t randomly obfuscate the things you’re supposed to be looking at

Dearest job,
I’m broke.


Do you honestly think the composition is flawless?

I never said that, but I don’t see how you can’t see what the focal points are. Stop being so needlessly scathing and hostile all the goddamn time, you don’t come off as anything but snooty and pretentious. I mean, Jesus.

I can take harsh criticism and I can get behind its effectiveness, but there’s a fine line between harsh criticism and flat-out belligerence and antagonism, and you consistently cross it.

I think you guys are reading too deep into the pic. It’s pretty good but if empty space is such a problem, the camera could’ve been titled slightly left like this:


But then the problem would arise such that the combine appears in the middle instead of above the rebels.

I also seem to think that the picture lends a nice 1 point perspective, which is the tunnel they are going through. If the tunnel wasn’t captured in the lower right, the pic would have a lack of symmetry.

Idk, now i’m reading too deep in the picture XD

Pic’s good.

I won’t try to get into the stuff I don’t know, like any of the post processing and stuff, but there are a few things I did note:

  • The medic’s ankle is a tad… Uncomfortable? It’s not as though it’s impossible to do (Is for me since I’m not any kind of flexible), it’s just unlikely anyone would crouch that low with their foot quite like that, at least long enough for a picture to be taken.

  • Not that the angle is bad, it just feels like it may be condense-able, as in you could technically have the same image in a more “one shot” manner. Again, this isn’t a bad thing, just notable.

  • It seems strange that the medic isn’t carrying a weapon. When I picture a rebel without a gun, I generally picture prisoners… If they’re still alive.

  • The one policeman appears to be very avid about the conversation. Notable because I want to know what the subject is.

I wouldn’t change any of it to be honest, the picture is well made and obviously has hard work put into it. Perhaps focus more on one group or another, but that’s only my perspective. That’s the good thing about this game, no one person will look at a scene the same way.

He’s not intended to be a full-blown rebel, rather, he’s meant to be somebody with pre-Combine medical knowledge, being escorted either to someone who needs attention or simply from one station to another. I imagine there’d be more than a few unarmed rebels who support the resistance purely in passive roles. Eli, for example, doesn’t perform any feats of combat and is simply a scientific and tactical mind for the C17 resistance.

I’ll concede to that. Not to dissuade the problem, but I don’t think I could’ve posed it any different with the models at hand in this position. I didn’t want to re-pose him in a less ankle-exploding position because I felt like this one captured the emotion I was going for, and if I had just used a different model entirely it wouldn’t have made any sense.

I posed the one on the right to be motioning like “It was THIS BIG!” with his hands, just as a vague and surreal element of humor in an otherwise grim and gritty scene.

The combine isn’t super hostile. Actually, when I was trying to improve, his criticism was the best that I got most of the time, and he never came across as hostile. I’d say he’s one of the nicer people here.

About the not a full-blown rebel pre combine medical knowledge - None of know that, and if that’s what you’re going for a response, you could try to show that in the image. That’s just a nitpick though. This picture is a lot better than some of your others.