Under Siege



Good posing, and good effects. Well done.

pretty good , i like it

T-this is a ddok thread? :aaaaa:

Holy shit man, way to break from your usual stuff with style.

Very well done, Loving the Effects

thank you guys. :slight_smile:

They have anti-gravity boots!
But anyway, picture looks good.

hehe, that was my mistake.

Nice NPCs you got there. (The Elites and the scanners)

It’s nice, but it didn’t really have to be so bright.

no only elites are NPC, I posed scanners too.


That’s some fucking dedication right there.

ddok what happened
ill fucking kil lyou


hahahahahha those shadows

sheffed once again

seriously, stop blowing everything out. just stop.

want to do proper bloom? use lights/lamps and fog. stop making everything so insanely bloomy all over the place. it should be more selective than that.