"Under the killing moon..." PMC shooting.


Meh, very generic.

Compare; http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/18674


Also, the one who finds out where I got the title wins a cookie :3 (It’s a song.)


Also, if anyone could give me a link to the “Better TF2 Phys” pack, that’d be great.

Sooo, whys he shooting with his visor up? isnt the whole point of the visor eye protection?

The soulders are very weird, the pmc rigging is a bit weird.

Better vision :science:

What would it do besides maybe deflect small shrapnel

Its not likes its going to block a 9mm or 50 Caliber bullet:eng99:

And i guess the visor is probably just for Riots
Because if you look at Riot Officers,
They wear the same thing

Subtle burning is quite nice.


Hard edges on the muzzle flash.
Nice posing, but there is some clipping on the arm.

its nice and all, it’s just boring, there are too many poses like this

Very generic.

Nice picture but after reading the title the picture was a bit of a letdown