Under The Mzulftan Moonlight.

happy Valentines, sometime


this took me about two hours to build a big scenebuild panorama of mountains and church things aswell as trying to fit in the actual pose, looks nothing like i planned in my mind, except for the people in dwemer armor, but they were meant to be kissin’ n shit. if i had time to pose it that woulda been better

enjoy anyway, i haven’t made much in a while

two dudes?

Tamriel is a very progressive place.

Looks good, I like how it actually looks Dwemer-ish in the background.

Male argonians have more spikes on their cheeks. This one’s female.

Where’d you get those church things and rocks and stuff if I may ask? Would really help with Skyrim stuff.

how does oral sex work with a giant walking alligator

With style.

Very carefully.

The Imperial (I assume) doesn’t look too convinced kissing her is a good idea. Not gonna lie, I envy him. Great posing and editing!

they’re just church props from CSS and DoD, find them in browse and search

The Romans used to have sex with like twenty chicks (or dudes) a day if they had money, so I’d assume it’s the same for Imperials. He’s probably thinking “I can really do better than this but I have an erection anyway so when in Rome I guess”


Mzulftan is underground. that “Moonlight” is glowing moss.

Nevermind, you have done well.

Mr. Imperial doesn’t like the look of this, though…

“Uhhhmmmm, can we get back to looting this place? Please?”

Mzulft also had a few buildings above ground aswell. it’s build into a mountain