"Under the radar" - Two VTOLs low over the ocean

Loving this Crysis models beta:


Full version: http://img44.imageshack.us/img44/5918/gmhugefuckingocean0001.jpg
Original: http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/7876/gmhugefuckingocean0000.jpg

C&C please.

Looks fucking awesome.

Why do my Crysis pics keep getting rated “late”? Lol.

Anyone agrees with me that there should be some trail following the vtol on the water surface?

Aw, no afterburner. :frowning:


Sweet dude :smiley:
Are those private, or are they available for us other awesome people? :smiley:

Goddammit, go to the the models/skin section. Look for it yourself. I don’t understand why people don’t look at the models section for models.

'couse I’m lazy :3
No need to be negative XD

the phong makes my eyes bleed…

Awesome , always wanted the VTOL’s. When i tryed getting them they where a real mess.

Wow realy realy nice XD cant wait to see more.
Must have been hard to pose the people in the plane thing how did you do it?


It’s a extremely sunny day.

Considering these are VTOL troop transport aircraft with a secondary role of light close air-support, I’m guessing they have fairly weak turbofan engines that lack the afterburn ability.

I think it looks pretty badass and fits with the Crysis art-style.

Thanks, mate. Didn’t take too long to pose, I used this tool:

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Yay plastic VTOLs.

Have you ever seen an unpainted aircraft in the sun? Those things are damn shiny:


nice love the smoke

Um… it’s water.


Hurf durf.

Needs moar alien for the Crysis feeling

I’d rather make Cyrsis-themed pictures from when the game was still bearable.