"Under the sea" Big Daddy waiting for his little sister

Generic Song:


That is some nice lightening, Floating copse is a nice touch. Art it is.
What map is it?


I have that song in my Spotify playlist, it’s great :buddy:

I think the Big Daddies are way more hunched over than that.


It might just be the angle though.

The corpse kinda looks like he’s wearing shades.

Oh god, that’s a guy?
I thought it was a girl.

I don’t reallyl ike the eye glows, it is a small bit displaced or something, can’t manage to point it out.

Phong looks funky, the eye glowing effect isn’t very good (Probably because it looks like you smudged it) and you also ruined that writing on the back of the wall with smudging.

Basically don’t smudge. You make it look poopy.


also I’m going to count how many standing poses you do

The big daddy doesn’t look all that well posed… but otherwise it looks great

The eyes look a little weird with the yellow splotches, but I guess they look okay.

Well I’m not going to do a sitting pose.

I’m Digging The DoF In this.