under water error pink and black

when im under water on some maps the water is pink and black on the surface
ive downloaded all the water fixes from gmod and nothings helped
can anybody help?

The pink-black chessboard texture is placed to indicate that you are missing a texture. It usually happens when a map uses textures from a game that you do not have (usually counter strike source). The only legal solution is to buy the game you are missing.

If you have all the games, then i dunno.

i do have all the games apart from zeno clash

There was a fix on garrysmod.org,but I think it was removed,or it seems that I can’t find it anymore.

You are presumably missing the textures.

Hmm, then i have no idea whatsoever. What maps, specifically, are these?

hes missing a texture for gmod go into /ProgramFiles/Steam/SteamApps/[YOURACCOUNTNAME]/GarrysMod/GarrysMod/

then either put the matrials or matrials in models in the correct place works everytime.