Underated Gmod Gamemodes?

What are some underated gmod gamemodes that i should try out??

Propkill gamemode, It’s a gamemode about combat using props instead of weapons. You also use props to stay in the air by surfing with them. It’s NOTHING like people on darkRP or sandbox say “propkill” is, It’s about tactics and fast reactions and good aim in the gamemode.

Here is some footage tell me what you think

And here is a 1V1


A well run one at that. Something that everyone fails to get right nowadays on any server/gamemode.

BugBoys was pretty cool.

PirateShipWars. Defunct afaik.

I remember the good old days where I hosted a highly modified PSW2 server - consistent 6-12 players, even more on weekends. It’s such a fantastic gamemode.
It’s slightly painful, slightly cool to know that someone took all the gameplay from PSW2 and shoved it into a unity game (painful because he credits PSW in one line)

What game?




Bunny Hop.

Just reposting from the other thread.

Onslaught Evolved, RIP.

Cinema. Something very therapeutic about it with the right people on a server enjoying videos with strangers. But most of the time its spammed with weird hour long russian videos.