UnderDone 2 - A Honest Attemp At Reparing A Great Gamemode

UnderDone 2 - A gamemode originally by Polkim modified by the Community

Greetings people of facepunch ! Today I began a project to repair and get UnderDone working without bugs. Now this may be simple for GLua programmers but for the server owner that just wants the script to work well that’s a issue. So I thought it would be a great idea to derive a project to fix it up and hopefully make it into UnderDone 2. This is hopefully going to become a community project where anyone that asks will get commit rights. So anyone with experience can help out. Now that ive explained the project well i’ll just give you the link.

Now i’m not simply taking a gamemode and editing it and patching it into another gamemode I thought this would be a nice attempt since its open source already so anyone can take it and play around with it. Currently i’m trying to obtain a MySQL enabled version of the script if we can’t find it then i’ll simply just write one myself but of course i’ll use a alternative networking model and Narwhal offers all that and more so I might just use that to convert UnderDone to. Anyway good day post your ideas !

I helped in making the gamemode as well i wrote things such as ai and sql script for underdone, should have it somewhere on my pc somewhere if not i rewrite it and send you it over.

I fucking loved this gamemode, once I was one of the highest ranked players on a server.

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I will keep my eyes on this.

sweet good idea

Oh crap . . . just found a bug quick ! Patching it now sorry

Sounds like a good idea if it doesn’t end up dieing like a lot of other things.

Best of luck on this! I’m interested to see what you come up with the MySQL version. I tried and failed hard at it.

So this won’t be an actual underdone 2? This’ll just be a fixed up underdone?

Well it wont be underdone 2 at the start but mostly were working on it getting it workable. the idea is with community help and time it will become underdone 2

Seriously? we have mysql working fine with threaded queries, constant connection.
Even between servers, the auctions are semi mysql and semi sockets to cope between servers.
Works pretty good, only issue is the gamemode performance is bad which were working on along with some other bugs.

Good idea perfect I was co owner of a Underdone server during of the beginning of the year I love seeing a comeback.

That’s awesome. Star Wars Sagas runs on a super edited and cleaned up Underdone base, so performance really isn’t an issue anymore, but yeah, I tried getting the MySQL to work once and I was having trouble wrapping my head around it, and haven’t tried since.

I would help you and give you the code which would probably take like 30 mins max to integrate but i don’t release any of my code sadly, keep everything exclusive only.
As for the base yeah were currently reworking a lot of it, looking into using poly_weld to make the items that are built up of more than 1 prop into 1 prop, should give even more performance.

That would be much appreciated BomBom. Believe me I’m the same with keeping everything exclusive. I’m going to be busy with Christmas festivities through…well…Christmas, but after that I’d definitely like to get in touch with ya.

Will have to see about working something out, no problemo :slight_smile:

A Honest Attemp At Reparing


No. . . just no this is meant to be opensource not ‘Sell my script for moneyz’ thread if you want to share code with someone share it with us all. Plus I have the org mysql enabled script from polkm i’ll be committing that soon.

Fixed it sorry for the stupid spelling fails…

I committed a necklace slot with some example necklaces for you guys to experiment with.

Also I need some quest ideas ! Pop me a story in my inbox and i’ll add it.

I wasn’t selling my script keep your hair on plus the mysql script that your getting is a load of rubbish anyway so good luck with that, i think you have bitten off more than you can chew.
Don’t expect me to help you with that attitude, good job i keep things exclusive.

he was keeping his hair on, you’re just being a dick

Wouldn’t exactly put it that way, were mature here, if you have to troll so be it, not like i care.