Underdone BETACOMPAT Fixed

Fixed Version of BETACOMPAT here:

Python has all the rights to this gamemode I just simply helped fix it!

It’s interesting how even underdone itself has “betacompat” added to itself.


It looks awfully much like our code and I haven’t heard anyone being asked to have it get copied without credits or anything.

It’s even in the update logs: http://www.underdone.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=214&highlight=betacompat

Hi, yes that betacompat has been in Underdone for a long time, there is no names or anything supplied with the latest files so I had always figured it was Polkms code.
I can remove this addon or supply credits etc if I have your approval.
When I tried to Google this addon ages back I got nothing.

Edit: All sorted via Steam.

If this needs to be removed then I will be happy to remove it I just figured I would release the fix I did so people would be able to play the gamemode.
EDIT: Worked Out Over Steam.

just out of curiosity, what is betacompat exactly?

It handles networking things from what I can tell by looking at it. I didnt make it I only patched it.

betacompat made it possible to use pre-gmod-13 addons in GMod 13 without modifying the addons itself by detouring half of GMod.

This way Meta Constructwas able to continue working almost right after the beta changeover back then. Then the addon was slowly phased out to its minimum it is right now on our servers, which means pretty much just a minor init.lua modification. All addons were finally converted to GMod 13 format. Underdone never underwent this rewrite as it’s a big task.

Thanks for releasing that I figured it was just networking things because that is what was mostly wrong with it.
I suppose I could work on modifying underdone so it does not have a dependency on BETACOMPAT.

Then if you assumed? lol that it was networking things then why didn’t you remove betacompat instead of being a stalker and ringing me at 3am in the morning like you did telling me to give you the fix?
It’s ok to admit you don’t know anything about LUA and that you are just copy and pasting stuff till you find things that work.
Considering you didn’t know what betacompat was for I don’t see you having any hopes of removing it and replacing the Underdone functions with up to date functions that don’t depend on this.

Don’t get salty just because he fixed something for free he’s trying to help other people who may have had this problem so they don’t have to go out an buy a $60 version of the gamemode that doesn’t even do much more than the free version

What he’s fixed has nothing to do with my game mode because the next version to be released to SF owners doesn’t even use betacompat.
But you are more than entitled to your opinion.
People pay for quality, not rubbish.

Considering you don’t own the SF version you can’t claim they are not any different, they are so very much different it’s not funny.

They may be different but nothing that is different is really major from what i can see it just looks like colour changes with the menus and that is quite easy to change and your SF page doesn’t state that anything is really different. But anyway people will prefer a free version than something that costs $60, Frankly i just think that’s too much for a gamemode that is just an updated version

Probably because I post most of the update information on the Trello and not SF.

https://trello.com/b/kUxnJjl7/underdone - fixed link

People are paying for the new code changes such as the reduce on CPU load and lag on clients, the extra donator/vip features so these people have made there money back within a week or sooner of buying the gamemode, and they are paying for the support I give also because they know the gamemode won’t break with a Garrys mod update unlike all these other versions.

That really doesn’t look like much. All it looks like you’ve done is fix some stuff…

I posted the wrong Trello link, but anyway I’m done with this thread because you don’t know what you are talking about, both of you two come from the same butt hurt group that don’t know how to code and fix a game mode when it breaks and expect everything in life for free.
Then when you can’t get it you try to get it via leaks etc. (not aimed at any names, you know who you are)

you say he doesn’t know how to code yet he fixed the problem… and according to you it took you a whole day to fix it yet when superior sat down it took him 20 minutes to do and you say he doesn’t know how to code

Do I post the phone call again, or all the screen shots telling his friend what he needs to fix that he relayed to him.
If he “knew” how to code then he would have fixed in the first 20 minutes and not 3 weeks later after the gmod update.
Please back up your facts.

If you want to continue this debate then bring it to PM instead of shitting up this thread.

And if you knew how to code you wouldn’t have made a post asking other people what the problem is with underdone your point?

I never made such a post. You have a link to this right?