UnderDone Lua Coders, Need Free Coders!

Hey, im going to develop my own UnderDone Lua Coded in gmod. If anyone needs me, my name on steam is: Leevim

And i have an penguin picture on my profile.

So, if you want to help me and become one of my server developers, add me.

Hate to say, but any decent scripter, will either do a small job for you, help you with errors or need to be paid.

It is actually pretty insulting to everyone that tries to develop their own servers when you do not even try yourself.
Want something scripting? Learn basic lua, try it. If it does not work, post in the WYNHW thread and we will help.

Link for that WYNHW thread, please? :wink:

Once again as you seem to ignore the morals.

Take your finger out your behind and look yourself. It is probably the most used thread in this board, if not the forum. It is very easy to find the help thread.

We won’t do everything for you, look yourself

Just… come on man…

It’s this lazy attitude that makes the Garry’s Mod player base seem very unappealing.
Stop selling yourself so short, try to realize what a brilliant gift life and intelligence is and try to do something with it, you can start with learning how to browse a forum category for a thread, and then perhaps even read an online guide to scripting, and then who knows, maybe you won’t even need help to see your dreams brought to reality… even if your dream is to remake a gamemode instead of creating a new one…

Good speech cruma very good. :slight_smile: