Underdone Money/item Multiply Script

Does someone remember how to make the old Underdone Money/item Multiply Script? it was something with +bhop and then you dropped your money or item you want multiplyed and then you Pick it up at the same time as you drop it and you get 2 of it.


Nobody here is going to help you exploit the game. Go somewhere else.

its not exploiting, its a script.

There isn’t any specific script that allows you to duplicate money, etc. It’s an exploit

Yes you needed a textdocument in your gmod folder, i think i was something with +bhop or something like that.

It’s just some autoexec for an alias that causes you to exploit.
In short, it’s exploiting and I don’t believe anybody will help you with exploiting the game.

Why not?


In hacker culture, a script kiddie, or skiddie, occasionally script bunny, skid, script kitty, script-running juvenile (SRJ), or similar, is a derogatory term used to describe those who use scripts or programs developed by others to attack computer systems and networks.

If you want to be a 1337|-|/-\x0rzz go to some shitty script kid forums or something. This community doesn’t even entertain such things.

No i dont wanna be some 1337 script nerd, but i bet you want to. your just talking about your dream to me and useing me to not get laughed about. But you fail, Your a Failure.