Decided that Underdone is in fact done so I’m passing the torch so to say. Might see me around, might not idk but here is what is important.

I give you full permission to do as you please.

I love you all, except that one guy (You know who you are).

Holy shit! awesome


Time to go through it and fix all the grammar!

I’m completely confused …

Polkm, what happend? why are you releasing it? This doesn’t seem like you.

any pics? what is this even?

What the hell happened? :frowning:

Yet more edrama in the world of GMod O god I love it

i dont see any drama here, watchu talking about

ow god, this makes me very sad to hear :(. It just makes me wanna cry, you cant giveup like this! i want you to keep fight since you’v done SO great job so far… please?

Why’d he quit?

Gamemode rocks, keep upgrading it, don’t release! IT’S YOUR GAMEMODE!

im not sure :frowning: i gotta talk to him as soon as possible…


that one guy probably is “Dirty_Byrd”

The release of this was for a reason and that was some kinda Edrama

Cool that you released it, however:

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘PlayerAuthed’ Failed: …nderdone/gamemode/core/serverfiles/savingloading.lua:5: attempt to call method ‘AddItem’ (a nil value)

Havn’t touched the code, and I do have glon.

I think I know why:

Some guy named Jimmy said Beta- was abusing admin commands, Polkm took away Beta-'s admin abilities and perma banned him.
About a week later Beta- came back pissed, being the damn hacker or whatever he is, he has multiple SteamIDs. So whenever Polkm banned him, he could just come back with another, then he said “I’ll take the server down constantly if you don’t give me my admin back” (something like that).
Then he said “Add me on Steam Polkm” and I don’t know what happened after that

This is my guess because it’s the last drama I’ve heard about.

But either way; fuck you beta

serenity claims another life

Looks like some files could be missing or something.

oops spelling mistake here is the updated version:

Don’t worry about me, I want to move on to greater pastures and program more complex environments. Don’t worry about beta, last I talked to him he was crying about me unbanning him or something. Don’t worry about Underdone, it was a great learning experience maybe some one else will pick it up.

I made a lot of friends and I would like to stay in touch if I can while I work on my other endeavors.

Finally if someone does pick this up please make sure to be nice to all the fans of Underdone, they helped me so much it would be wrong to turn your back on them.

I am looking at putting a few servers up for this soon :slight_smile:
So i will keep your gamemode running for a bit.

Also the gamemode still doesn’t load and you get this error.
ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘PlayerAuthed’ Failed: …nderdone/gamemode/core/serverfiles/savingloading.lua:5: attempt to call method ‘AddItem’ (a nil value)

You sure you have the newest downloaded version, I can’t seam to get that error anymore with the version I uploaded.

You might have to delete the old save files in the data folder. The folder should be called Underdone.