Underground bases

Any ideas of underground bases?

My idea is that you could place a kind a ladder hatch and it would create a pocket of air below it that you could put a sleeping bag and a chest in. That way people could hide their stuff in bushes so it would be really hard to find but easy to raid because you would only need to blow up the door and you’d be in.

Actually something that’d be a pretty cool idea would be basement foundations.
Like if one could build or upgrade to something that’d be underground, maybe even build into the sides of mountains.

garry should just put pickaxes in the game so that we can dig our own bases just like wurm online and minecraft

I remember a dev blog or two that said it’s no simple feat to make it so players could dig or build underground.

Either something with the maps, or something with Unity.

Procedural caves where you can build in would be interesting.

Yeah. But being able to build a base under a bush would make it very hidden.

Its been asked for a few times and would be a great addition but i fear it is not easy to do for the devs so i doubt it will happen

I think with the new monuments having underground pipes and such, it’s possible something could be in the works.

Sorry to tell you guys that but in the current base of Unity this just seems not possible to code.

Yes I do know it is hard but that is why I stated that maybe they could just make a tiny pocket of air underneath. Not sure how hard that is to implement but it would make a great base for solo players.

If you have ever played 7 Days To Die then you know its possible, they also use Unity…

7dtd is built entirely on voxels. Rust is built on a static world map. Completely different worlds.

Then they make it work. So what? People are so quick to reject ideas.

And then! and then! Let’s invent cars that spawn giraffes wearing suits that hand out candy bars! I’m sure the government could make it work.
Do you know what static means? Do you know what voxels are? Interactive underground is not something you can “add” to the game by clicking the little check mark box that says “Allow players to dig.” Ideas are fun and games. Coding is grueling and restrictive.

Garry already investigated a voxel terrain engine like a year ago. Rust still doesn’t have voxel terrain so it obviously was not suited for Rust’s needs.

The technology would need to be completely overhauled. Would you like to be responsible for tacking on another full year of work before Rust’s finished?

lol i understand your point… but for me this kind of option in game would be well worth waiting for but im sure Gary’s budget and time frame would not let it happen

Rust’s made the studio something like $40mil+, budget is not the issue, and if it added a few months to development but he felt it was absolutely critical then the time would be made. It being more trouble than its worth to implement, or being unable to generate random terrain with it, or having to build a voxel terrain engine from scratch themselves JUST for digging holes, that’s the sort of thing that would cause garry to strike it off the list, and so far it appears to be the case.

I can’t read his mind though, so I cannot say for sure that it will never happen. At the moment all signs point to no, that’s all I’m saying.

well yes you put a fair case together …but even building a a voxel terrain engine must be something that Gary would be interested in, even if its just having interest as a programmer and once you have built such an engine its must have other possibility’s for future games and such … perhaps

I’m sure underground bases, tunnel digging, and anything else like that would cause even more issues. I would rather the game get polished up first.

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