Underground Cave Network Idea

So right now there are many caves scattered around the map. I think that all the caves should be interconnected by an underground network. However, you should NOT be able to build in the caves. This should be used mainly for transportation.

Edit: Also, it would be cool if you could find some loot down there, maybe like an underground rad. And there should be rad wolfs and bears (or some other creatures) stalking the tunnels. Tunnels also need to be dark (duh) and it should be pretty cold down there (esp at night). However there should be some natural lighting and heat in some areas maybe from geothermal hotspots. Also, you should be able to place lanterns and camp fires in the tunnels to warm you up.

Note: I do not want tunnels to become the main focus of this game. Rust is, and will always be, about the over-world. Thats why I suggested that you cannot build in the tunnels. And it should also be a hostile place if you arnt well armed and well dressed. The tunnels should mainly be used for transportation.

love this idea but i dont think you would be able to run that without serious performance issues

That is true. This isn’t something I expect them to implement, now, or even in the near future. This is like months from now when Rust becomes more of a solid game (not to say that it isn’t solid now).

They could launch an awesome surface based game, then add a terrible sub-surface add on that destroys the pop.

Prize to who gets it!

I clearly stated that the underground caves should be used for mainly transportation only (and maybe you could find some loot there). The overworld should still remain the main and core part of Rust.

Temperature underground is relatively steady, hence the use of root cellars in the past pre-refridgerators. And temperature actually increases with depth.

So Day/night isn’t going to fluctuate the temperature underground much…

oh, well in that case, traveling underground would be a lot easier

Or make it hot enough that you have to be nearly naked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a bad idea people have already figured out how to build tunnels under ground though, i visited one yesterday

I love this idea, I wish it was built like Stomping Land caves, multiple entrances and exits, some are only 1 way due to the nature of how it is designed, some water entrances, you can’t build inside caves.

They are Pitch black All the time, you must use torch/candle to see, there is also water for special fishing also it’s cold.

Love the idea of special AI down there like new Monsters or Robots/Mutants, Also some random loot spawns like monster dens or heaps of bodies/robot piles , cloth piles etc.

Now when you say “transportation” and underground caves…

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Time_Machine (read: Plot)