Underground Inflirtration.


P.S: On the left screen, that Citadel Core logo is pixelated on purpose, to enter into the “old computer” ambient, it’s not a mistake, just a reminder.


herpity derp keyboard

thx for noticing

things just got a lot sexier up in here

Funny thing is, i edited like 3 times the title with “infiltration” on it but still “Inflirtration”. Why you make me look stupid, FP? :v

You still need to lower the opacity of your shadow brush and make them not so deep.

Ermagerd inflertrershern :v:

mmm i can see the chemistry

Really neat pic. I would’ve stretched out the edited logo parts on the monitor down a bit. They appear kind of flat/pointing towards the camera.

I give it a solid 6 out of 10, it was an ‘okay’ effort but I’d never hang that sloppy piece of shit in my room.

Things to work on:

  • Faceposing for realism, their eyes aren’t even pointing at the monitors
  • Contrast and shadows, both stand out way too much
  • Add super DoF, and it’ll fix that eye sore of a fence (along with other unnecessary sharpened features like the thing on the desk
  • The bloom effect looks awful, how can a monitor reflect light on the front of the left guy’s arm when they both don’t meet (it’s like if I shined a tiny flashlight on the front of my hand, with the light somehow being reflected on the back of it)
  • The posing looks sloppy, are they supposed to be high?

It would be great if you wouldn’t go over there, insulting to amateurs, pal.

No need to be rude, ok? Be a bit optimistic for once with criticism beacuse this ain’t no Tournament and stuff.

Amateurs don’t start threads to post their own screenshots. There is a thread specifically for those people.

Are you having a bad day?

With “Amateur” i mean, i’m not ULTRA PROFESSIONAL, like others over here, but i’m not a novice, so what is the purpose on insulting like that? This is not any kind of contest dude. You can say what the errors are pacificily, now thanks for triggering my low Self-esteem.

Keep talking shit about me, c’mon.

Sorry, ‘just trying to boost your confidence’.

who the hell says this

Actually that thread is titled what it’s for "Don’t want to make a thread’. It’s annoying when people post pictures like this and make a thread because they want to and people like you instantly assume “This isn’t top tier (insert name here)'s work! Put in that thread instead”.

Some people just don’t want to make a thread for their picture or don’t feel it’s necessary. That’s why it was made.

Yeah but ‘this’ is getting more attention than most stuff on that thread.

this is not how that works. nobody is obligated to post anything in the Post Pictures thread. that thread is there for people who DON’T want to make a thread, it’s not the other way around. This board isn’t here for people who DON’T want to post in the Post Pictures thread.

The truth has been really spoken.