Underground : Metro2033 RolePlay map

**Hey Facepunch ! **

I’ ve been working on map customisation for something like 3 mounth and today i can finaly realse you this new METRO 2033 Underground map usable for roleplay and custom gamemode

The original map was a realy basic base with :
-1 Jail
-1 Shop
-1 Base
-1 Tunnel

Now i edit it for roleplay and now it contain :
-5 Jails
-5 Shops
-6 Bases
-20 Tunnels
-Openable front door
-Switchable light
-Camera system

This giant maze of tunnel is animated with custom sound , openable door and much more .


-Huge tunnel
-Openable front door for survivor base
-Multiple jail & gun shop
-Camera witch show the door to prevent people to open it and let the enemies come
-And the best for you is still to play it and see :wink: **



IMPORTANT : When i took the screenshoots , i’ ve add some lights in the maps . The map is realy dark and you will realy need your flash light to play on it !



Here is a vidéo :


I’ ve tried to upload the map on the workshop but i failed , for some reason i can’ t upload the map , so if one of you guys have already upload a file on the workshop , tell me in the comment i’ ll give you all the file to upload it on the workshop ( I need a workshop version for my server ) So if one of you could help me by doing this it would be amazing !

Notes : There is not zombies on the map , but i’ ll try to do a tool witch enable you to set NPC spawn to mae it easier ! I will upload it soon !

If you guys enjoy my work and want me to do more , you can donate using paypal ( Because i’ m working for free …)


Dont add me on steam , if you want to ask me some addons , do it on the comments below !

I JUST WANT TO APOLOGY ABOUT MY ENGLISH : If i talk like a baby girl , i’ m from FRANCE ! ( You dont give a f*** yes i know )

Thanks you all !



These screenshots are literally from other maps, like you just decompiled some of AvoxGaming’s maps and stuck them together.


The screen shot are from the map and i mad it by my self by doing and unique map … A basic version of this has been send to me by a friend with only 1 base and one tunel . I mad it bigger with much more base and tunnel and i create many model to it …
So please dont comment if you dont know what your talking about …

Alors comme on dit en france , quand on sais pas , on ferme sa gueule

I also made a vidéo on the map if there is not enough screen shoot : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA3D8tOqPr4

copy paster noob

If you think its a copy , then send me the link of the dam map i’ ll look at this !

But like i said , i’ ve add more space and tunnel to the map for my server , i’ m not using this thread to make money , just to share my work dam !

to be honest i recognise the reich area from mrp_stations

Ok, sure…

mrp_staions_b3 - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=284423691


Your ripped version claiming to not have copied.

I check the map and there is some jail and room witch are add to the the base , there is also some other things on the main base …

PS : I’ m not this guy , my name is pig too xD

Maybe he took the map and just add some other room and jail … ?

The map is a giant copy and paste with some things rearranged in different places.
He stated that he made this map all on his own.
“The screen shot are from the map and i mad it by my self by doing and unique map …” (sic)

Taking another map and decompiling it and editing it is not making a map on your own or original.


Just going to throw that part out there too.

For Sifly: **Il ta démasqué mon gars. Je peux même affirmer que tu as voler la map et tu essaye de nous faire croire que TU l’as créé alors que c’est faux. Un conseil: Va présenter tes excuses au créateur de la map. **


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Nice map 10/10

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