Underground tunnels and escape routes?

what do you guys think abt having alternate escape routes like underground tunnels or even a place to stash underground can build ect?

That would be really cool. Also adding traps would be pretty sweet as well like spiked stakes etc.

Adding a shovel with some cool digging tunnel aspects would be cool. But that would only be acceptable if you had to have Pillars to hold up your tunnel

yea structure wise obv having the right materials to be more realistic pillars are needed for sure

KalDaBoss, dude that’s a great idea. If they would add that, i would directly kiss Gary.

I support this idea. It would be nice to have a cool mineshaft-like tunnel under your fort for when some asshole raids your shit.

Its a good idea but i cant imagine the way that theyre going to implement it into the game, or how they can make it work out in the already existing building outline thingy.

That’s true, digging tunnels under people’s buildings, i think it’ll be a tough one.

well shovel would be needed and plans for that then maybe map out areas maybe you can tunnel so far within a area of your base home allowing you to build under and i think this should take some time even if you have to haul the dirt out yourself or have others helping if you are grouped with friends i guess… im still trying to get a key ive been streaming for awhile no luck yet im patient tho or ill wait to buy it like everyone else

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i dont know if they would go as far as someones base but sneak attack from below would be nice have one of those wooden doors as the opening like in evil dead lol

In Wurm tunnel mining for metal ores was a major part of the game and often represented a form of transportation through mountain sides and as emergency escape paths. Not to mention a variety of tough NPCs inhabited natural tunnels and underground areas too. If you didn’t reinforce the walls of the tunnels sometimes it would collapse.

When our fort had an emergency tunnel built though the enemy clan detected its hidden location and used it to attack us from within.

This isn’t minecraft.

noone said it had to be minecraft and your the first to dislike and your opinion is welcomed

It makes somebody able to tunnel right under your house, it just opens up so many exploits. Think of what would happen if some speedhackers got access to this?
Also, this would require extensive mapping, lag, and coding. Not worth it.


There would be have to be some kind of limit maybe like amount of Oxygen so tunnels couldn’t go to far?

yea thats why i suggested limits within the home base cause those do play into realism if there going for that

How would the server know what “home base” is which players’? and friends that arent in that “home base” will be able to mine without having those limits.

While having digging and tunnels would be cool it’s a bit limited by the unity terrain system so I doubt we’ll be doing anything on this front in the near term :frowning:

well the doors seem to know who owns it i think building permission within radius would work same you have to from what ive seen break doen a door to get in so if it has ownership then i would think the same applies

I’m not the best programmer in the world, hell I’m know nothing of coding or any of that shit, but is there anyway of porting the game to a better game engine to get rid of those restrictions?