I spent a great time in this mod and I wanted to make some poses about it. I haven’t used Garry’s Mod for a good while.


Jake wakes up to find the prison that just been mysteriously deserted and roaming with infected personnel that try to kill him.


Matthew, Jake and Bryan fighting the infected over the north wing, level 0.


The labs.


Jake sneaking in the offices.


Paranormal events happens often in Jake’s house, haunted by his wife’s restless spirit and his guilt.

Hell, I was paranoid while posing on this last screenshot, I was using the original map from the mod and I was afraid that random scripted event would trigger and activate those nasty jumpscares ;_;. Hopefully it seems those random scripts doesn’t work on Garry’s mod.

Hope you will ejoy :slight_smile:

[sp]Sorry for my bad english[/sp]

2spooky5me at that last screenshot

Best mod I’ve played this side of Smod and RnL.

Nice to see someone else who likes this mod! You also did a great job on replicating the atmosphere of the game, especially with the Labs one.

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