Underpants please

I’ve gotta admit… the junk hanging out on all the new spawns was cracking me up the first few hours of gameplay…
I bought my key yesterday and its starting to get really creepy when I see hordes of naked dudes with tiny junk running towards the airdrops with hatchets… Hahaha I dunno maybe just like a leaf or something.
Yesterday I found 2 naked dudes in the woods playing a song about sunset while the sun was setting (Here). It was funny at first, but a minute or two of listening… I started to become a bit scared. Soon I found myself running for my life as they watched my bare ass scrape into the foilage.


Underwear will be a 10$ DLC. :v:

I like to think the naked aspect helps keeping the little kids away.

I mean the least that Gary could do would be to be able to pick a gender… For you know… Variation…
It would be more realistic, having women implemented onto an island where there are only naked dudes running around with stones lol

I mean, its not that creepy unless…:zoid:

I think its different and I’m pretty indifferent about it, although I would like to know the back story as to why everyone is naked. Are we all clones or did a nuclear explosion destroy all our underpants?

I think the backstory goes something like this:

It’s an alpha “game”. Right now its just a bunch of components working together in an engine to test everything out. Be happy you’re not a bunch of Rectangles running around. :wink:

“This is in very early public development. Everything will change. Beware.”

You aren’t very secure with your sexuality bud, if you are worried about some dongs in a videogame… You need to quit looking if your that worried.

Nothing covered atleast until there are female avatars in the game PLEASE!! once that gets old then ill gladly pay for DLC…

the thought of fapping off to an ESCO female sounds so rewarding LOL

Right, tell me if I am wrong, but even earlier in development, the spawns had clothes on right? Like in those early psyindicate or frankie videos

I dont know from firsthand experience, because like I said I just bought it yesterday

I totally agree with the naked aspect of the game, however I feel that they should add some sort of option to have towelling round the waist

No… I just don’t want to see a bunch of dudes dicks flopping around while Im shooting them with a bow…

Nudity isn’t going away because you’re uncomfortable.

Meh. I guess it satisfies some people


It doesn’t matter if its an alpha product, It would be nice to know the lore, so that we could understand the design choices, you know kind of like most Indie studios do. When working on these types of products. i.e. Star Citizen, Origins Of Malu, The Dead Linger, Starlight Inception, and the list goes on.

I agree with OP to an extent it is strange, if there is no reason or lore supporting it…even if it is an alpha product it would be nice to know these things, its part of the process.

They don’t flop…yet.

This I do agree with, although it might lead to some of the minors harassing women.

You guys are so annoying. All you want to see are some tits… This is the internet get that somewhere else. my god.


Don’t you have better stuff to bitch about!?

I always try to be nice, but this… it complete bullsht!

Just because you can’t “handle” some pieces of junks they are going to put some towels?

Go put some brains and maturity upstairs instead of looking downstairs!!!

Don’t waste your time and ours please.
Special cheers! C===3

Fo realsies!

make junks bigger and add jiggle phisics to them instead

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big dick customization item DLC 15$