Underplayed and underrated TTT maps

So my server has a fairly limited map pool with all the usual TTT maps, but I’m looking for some less played and creative maps to spice up my map pool a bit. Any recommendations are appreciated.


You save everyone a lot of time by listing the maps you have.

Isnt that good amount alredy? Also make few maps by yourself

That list would be fully cycled in a few hours. Shit gets old real fast.

I personally enjoy playing on ttt_theship and ttt_casino. Never really see them used on many servers lately.

From my experience, it’s good to swap out map rotations often to keep things fresh, which directly leads to more dedicated and active communities.

Which no one does.

Thanks for the suggestions, added a few of these to my server <3

Part 1 of TTT maps that I feel are well-designed for the gamemode. Bolded are some of my personal favourites:

  • ttt_67thway_v3 (I recommend over v14) - Simple, no bullshit form of 67th way
  • ttt_alt_borders_b13/ttt_borders_b20 - Medium-sized map with an underground zone with teleporters that take you to other parts of the map. I have no clue what the differences between the two versions are.
  • ttt_amsterville_final2 - City-centre with a lot of businesses, alley-ways, and a dock.
  • ttt_arctic_complex (there’s also a b3 version, not sure which is newer) - Expansive snow map with an underground complex. Traitors have the ability to knock over the clock tower.
  • ttt_bank_b3/ttt_bank_v2 - Bank map. v2 is a newer rendition, and visually, a huge change from b3. I still prefer b3, but it’s personal preference.
  • ttt_bb_schooldayv3_r3 - School and outdoor map. By the same author as teenroom.
  • ttt_bb_suburbia_b3 - Suburban houses and an underground area. By the same author as teenroom.
  • ttt_biocube - Expansive indoor area with lots of buildings, a sniper tower, and a huge pit in the middle for bodies to be thrown in to. There’s also a traitor secret area underneath the tower. The map also contains a secret dildo.
  • ttt_bluesky_v3 - Factory area; has outdoor, indoor, and underground portions. Personally, to me, the layout is a bit confusing, but it seems to be a very popular choice.
  • ttt_canyon_a4 - Classic, huge outdoor map with a floodable canyon in the middle. Great for sniping.
  • ttt_clocktown_v1 - Based on trade_clocktown. Majora’s mask clocktown including the sewers and fairy fountain.
  • ttt_clue - Based on the CS Clue map. Lots of rooms and secret areas opened by paintings and the backs of fireplaces. Somewhat annoying when people fuck with the lightswitch, but I believe it can be disabled with Lua if you want.
  • ttt_cruise_v2 - Cruise ship with large indoor area with lots of cabins. Good for high player counts and traitor C4.
  • ttt_innocentmotel_b6 - Motel complete with many rooms, a pool that can be electrocuted (I think?) by traitors, and a rooftop.
  • ttt_island_2013 - Newer rendition of the classic island map. Outdoor area surrounded by water with a lighthouse in the centre.
  • ttt_traitorville_v2 - Factory area with a long street in the middle. Good for sniping.
  • de_hairyhouse_b1/ttt_hairyhouse - Outdoor area with a big house in the middle with lots of rooms, secrets, and a rooftop area.
  • de_vegas_css - Classic CS:S map of a vegas area.
  • de_westwood - NIPPER map; small, old-west styled map from CS:S. Also contains one of the best classical guitar songs ever written.
  • xmas_nipperhouse - NIPPER map; snowy map that leads up to a big house. Good for traitor C4 and incendiary play.

Weird ones – please believe me that these are good:

  • arghhh/blahhh/zuhhh - NIPPER maps; good luck navigating.
  • psychosis - This map will blow your mind. Make sure to disable fall damage for this one.

There might be newer/alternative versions of the maps I listed – just looked through my folder. Also, any NIPPER maps will be a perfect fit for TTT.

I’d advise against using ttt_mw2_terminal as there are a bunch of ways to get outside the map

Part 2:

  • ttt_camel_v1 - Medium-sized junkyard/apocalyptic-themed map. Features apartment building with 5 floors, making it good for sniping.
  • ttt_castle_2011_v3_night - Small castle map with lots of separate rooms and an underground area.
  • ttt_catacombs_v1 - Dark, underground tunnels, very close quarters. Adds quite a bit of tension and chaos to the gameplay.
  • ttt_cloverfield_b4 - Two skyscrapers connected by a very thin walkway. Good for sniping and stratigic prop play.
  • ttt_comancher3 - Larger wild west-themed map. Don’t walk into the gallows.
  • ttt_concentration_b2 - Foggy outdoor area with lots of barracks and a sniper tower.
  • ttt_construction_v3 - Multi-storied construction area with map objectives for innocents and traitors.
  • ttt_croftmanor_se3 - Manor from Tomb Raider 1.
  • ttt_crummycradle_a4/ttt_crummycradle_b1 - Probably my favourite TTT map ever - large outdoor area partitioned vertically into two areas: a wide-open ground area with lots of buildings and a series of ramps far above it suspended only by a ladder and a couple of elevators. Not only is this one of the best sniping maps, but the buildings are designed in such a way that it equally promotes close-quarters combat and stealthy play. The b1 version of the map used to cause crashes for some unknown reason in relation to the elevator buttons when GM13 was first released, but I haven’t been able to replicate it recently.
  • ttt_diamondshoals_a2 - Large, foggy outdoor map in a rainy environment. Promotes stealthy and silent play, but can drag out rounds if the player count is too low.
  • ttt_district_a5 - Business district with lots of buildings centred around a long street.
  • gm_peachs_castle_realistic/dm_peachs_castle/ttt_dragons_castle_v1a/ttt_peachs_castle - Maps based around Mario 64’s castle area. Each have their own unique twists.
  • ttt_dreamcruise_v1 - Straight-forward ship with a traitor-tester and sniper tower.
  • ttt_enclave_b1 - Small coastal town with an underground compound, featuring the most BULLSHIT troll bridge ever (but is extremely funny when you aren’t the one trapped).
  • ttt_escher_nmp8_d - Floating, fantasy stone construction based on M. C. Escher’s Relativity
  • ttt_fallout - Dilapidated, riot-striken industrial area.
  • ttt_forest_final - Small forested area that seems to always lead to hectic and chaotic traitor play. Great for C4.
  • ttt_fuuk_jail_final2 - First TTT map I remember playing. Abandoned jail complex with very wide hallways littered with flaming rubble.
  • ttt_lost_temple_v2 - Underground pyramid-themed archaeological dig site filled to the brim with traitor traps. Map features sacrifice pits that open after enough time has passed; filling them all with bodies (or live people) will spawn a rod that opens a door to win the game for innocents or traitors, depending on whether it is used to kill the zombie or thrown down the pit.
  • ttt_roy_the_ship - The original TTT ship map. In addition to the main ship, there is a small side boat that can be ridden around the perimeter of the map. Great for sniping and C4.

Honourable mention to ttt_caldera_v1 - I have no recollection of ever playing this, but the map design is wacky and ornate as hell. Don’t know if it would be well-suited for TTT, though, on account of how spacious it is.

Playing TTT on non TTT maps is really fun, unless it’s gm_bigcity or gm_fork.

It’s hardly ever worth the effort of setting it up to be used, though, and the map lacks any traitor traps or a traitor room. But, that doesn’t stop de_dolls from being iconic.

I disagree - most popular non-TTT maps used for TTT already have a public weapon script already made for them, and besides, making one is extremely easy. While traitor traps, rooms, and testers do add a unique dimension to the gamemode of direct map manipulation, the lack of them leads to more straight-forward gameplay that relies on stealth tactics and well-timed execution. A mix of both types of maps is definitely the goal, in my opinion.

Granted that scripts are already made, it’s just not worth it when I’m spending only 10 minutes to set up an essentially LAN server for strictly friend/family use. Not worth the hassle digging for the public scripts or making my own when I can just download 6 maps pre-made for me.

But, I’m in a unique position, most public servers need something unique to grab players, and custom maps can certainly bring that element into fruition.

At the end of the day, though, it’s all just subjective. If @DonkeySoda has some scripts he’d be willing to share/link, I’m sure they’d make a fine addition to the thread.

Searching “mapname.txt” on Google will usually bring it up. Also, your situation is understandable since you’re just playing quick games with friends - I am referring to dedicated, full server-esque gameplay.

Part 3 (this was a very good round of maps):

  • ttt_iceresearch_rc4 - Arctic lab with a few large, separated buildings and a small outdoors area. This map has a traitor tester that can be assembled from various props around the map.
  • ttt_infini_b5f - Foggy, elevated outdoor area with a well-proportioned indoor warehouse. Great for sniping.
  • ttt_inntergalactic - Spaceship comprised of wide and angular hallways littered with small, well-connected rooms and closets. Great for C4.
  • ttt_knii_beta - Icy containment primarily separated vertically with many different, small levels. Thematically based on deathrun_iceworld. Big downside is that there are a lot of secrets and easter-eggs that are extremely difficult to complete, and would be impossible in the middle of a round.
  • ttt_lego - Lego castle map with expansive room design, healthily separated by long stairs and ramps. For some reason, there are a lot of armour power-ups and HL2 weapons that will have to be removed with a Lua script if you don’t want players using.
  • ttt_logical_office_v2 - Small office area linearlly connected to a series of underground tunnels, followed by an outdoor clearing with a few small buildings. Great for C4, and can be optimal for sniping with the right positioning.
  • ttt_lot - Large outdoor clearing surrounded by a rustic trainyard. Good for sniping.
  • ttt_lttp_kakariko_b1 - Based on Legend of Zelda’s Kakariko Village. Traitors can make the map foggy for a short time to reduce vision in order to perform stealthy kills.
  • ttt_magma - Small rocky underground area with two lava pits.
  • ttt_manor_pez_v1 - Small medieval castle with surrounding defensive wall.
  • ttt_mansionrats_final - Like teenroom and dolls, this map is an oversized kid’s room with many references in the texture usage.
  • ttt_nuclear_power_b2 - Large nuclear generator facility with an expansive lobby, anti-gravity room, and a room-lock traitor trap.
  • ttt_outlandmine - Based on HL2’s mine areas, this is a shining example of how to make a TTT map for higher player counts while keeping design simple. TTT is unique in that while everyone has “roles,” most terrorists do not group up into teams. Rather, most innocents will venture off alone or in small groups, which means maps designed for larger pools of players have to be larger, naturally, to compensate. However, since players do not respawn, this size can be a principal component in unnecessarily long round times. ttt_outlandmine’s solution is to use this size to an advantage by making its indoor, secluded areas small and making the core of the map a large, wide-open canyon. Even from the farthest accessible corners of the area, the canyon is still visible thanks to a number of windows and doorways that make the buildings littering the side of the canyon not hiding places, but rather stratigic scouting and sniping points that are all linked by centralised geography. This not only is a great environment for higher player counts, but scales gameplay seamlessly when the alive count dwindles.
  • ttt_parkhouse - Much like hairyhouse, contains a small, surrounding outside area with a house in the centre.
  • ttt_plaza_b6 - Plaza/business strip with lots of surrounding buildings, each serving a unique utility to gameplay (gunshop, body grinder, etc.).
  • ttt_ponyville_b3 - Say what you will about the theme (and very clumsy visuals), the map is actually invigorating in its layout. The long path in the centre of the map combined with an open-air design for the buildings makes traitor work action-packed and communication heavy. The cloud hovering above the map is also a great sniping point that adds an additional dimension to the already hectic ground play. I recommend removing the teleport trigger in the red barn since it takes the player to the skybox where they cannot escape.
  • ttt_projectsuburb_final - Nuclear test suburb comprising of a single T intersection. Traitors can cause a nuke to fall on the map, killing everyone not in the bunker. The design and look of this map is absolutely gorgeous.
  • ttt_residentevil2_se - Remake of the Resident Evil 2 mansion.
  • ttt_scarisland_b1 - Island with a central lighthouse and outer elevator, dilapidated beach houses, and underground sewer system. Although thematically similar to ttt_island, the design and gameplay is more stealth-based.
  • ttt_ski_resort - Hotel with wide hallways, claustrophobic underground rooms, and small dining and pool areas.