Undersea hell


This looks amazing, love the lighting and colors.


So what’s the story behind SOMA again? Underwater facility that went horribly wrong over what?

It’s like a cancer or what.

the pic is awesome tho

Last vestiges of humanity are surviving in an underwater facility after an asteroid impacts Earth. The AI system is tasked with preserving humanity.

Seems like they’re doing a pretty bang up job

It’s techno-barnacle-cancer that keeps things running one way or another. Also might cause actual cancer in humans :v:

thats some good use of the kf1 character

Let’s just say the AI system and humans have a different idea of what preservation might entail. There’s a theory that the AI system may have been trying for an interim measure, until it can restore the surface and plomp humans back on it.

Which actually sure as hell sounds like a better idea than copying your brain into a computer simulation and launching it into space.

Freaky and awesome!