Understanding Fretta?

So I’m back from a pretty long hiatus and I’m trying to relearn what I’ve forgotten.
I’m trying to make a gamemode as the title suggests, and I’ve run into a snag.
I have my teams set up how I want them and such, but where does the class actually get set for each team?
I have my teams included and everything, and I have their loadouts how I want them - but i cannot get the correct loadout on any of my teams. Anyone know?

Have a look at this http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Lua:Fretta
if your just having problems with the teams picking classes then this might help.[lua]team.SetClass( TEAM_HUMAN, { “Human” } ) // “Human” is the class we want players to use[/lua] put that in your shared.lua where you created the teams

Ha, wow I feel dumb. Thanks.
Is there any way to change the splash screen?

Unsure was wondering that my self, but i just switched my gamemode from fretta to it own kind.