Understanding what is server and what is client?

I want to use commands (while playing on a server)… so if I use Player:ExitVehicle() or Player:Kick, do I still place it in the cl_init file so the local player (me) can access it? I am still a bit confused on what goes on server because I don’t use dedicated and always run commands as a local player.

I am NOT worried about security, this is a very small game mode with me and a few friends are fiddling around with. (Kind of like a Clue/ Scavenger hunt for certain commands, find a way to kill the other player before he kills you, nicknamed Admin Abuse mod (working title)

player:Kick() is a server sided only function. You can access it with a client with something such as:

In init.lua

function KickPlayer(player,command,args)
for k,ply in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
if ply:Nick() == args[1] then

Then from your client console you can type kickplayer “playername”

Same with ExitVehicle, it’s a server sided only command.