Underwater Base with air inside.

I am not a noob just figured this would be a good place to get an answer.

I heard there was tool out there that allows players to place airpockets inside props, thus allowing TRUE underwater bases. anyone know of this? if so could you please post!

I’ve never heard about tools like that. Far as I know, it’s impossible to make stuff airtight (water doesn’t work that way). Sorry.

Water is a brush, so you can’t take it out of a prop when it is submerged.

This is true. Water is entirely map based, and the only way you can even move water brushes is by using cheap (non-reflective) water. No such tool exists, and it won’t with the current way the Source engine works.

If I recall, someone was developing a tool that could edit the view to make it look like there was no water. I think it also removed the sound of being underwater. Not sure about floating or drowning though.

I was going to do this, I still might if I can figure out a few things. I am not the one you were referring to but I got the idea a while back and I think I may do it when I get some free time.

Hmm that’s a pretty good idea… but I’m not sure it’s possible in pure lua…

Use an overlay that looks and seems like your underwater. :wink: