Underwater Buildings

How do I give a building the appearance of being underwater?

For example, I want the player to look out of the windows of an underwater building and have it be the same effect as if you were swimming in the water. I also want things in the water to be able to look inside the building. Is this possible?

What the player currently sees when looking out the window-

What the player sees when looking in (disregard the top part of the image- twas a glitch that occurred while copying the screenshot)-

You need to make a texture that looks like glass backed by water, and water backed with glass. Then put said texture on each side of the plain.

How do I do this.

Also, would this allow one to actually see out into what’s going on (i.e. a player on water side could see a player on the dry side) or just give the illusion of looking in/out?

afaik water with glass in front of it looks like glass, with a bluish fog.

It would be a semi-transparent surface, just like a panel of glass. Just with a wavy effect.

Alright, that’s what I want. How do I achieve that?

Erm…no idea…but it can be done.

You know, not for nothing, but it’s kind of important to my map that this gets resolved, so if anyone has insight as to how to solve this, can you speak up?

We do have question megathreads you know, but here is a download link to the water you want.

Maybe if you ask a little nicer next time you might get results.

However, while it does get resolved, you can still work on the map. Adding clutter, lighting, etc.

Tis true, but I’d still like this resolved quickly.

refraction texture

that is basically how it is made.

Making things look blurry outside the texture so it looks like you are underwater with out water actually being there.

No. Water has that appearance due to ripples on the surface. Water pressing against submarine glass would not look like that. As Firegod said, it would just look like everything outside was in a blue/green fog, depending on the theoretical algal content of the water.

the water in that download looks more like green jelly, it shouldn’t be distorting the view through the glass like that

I was saying its basically made like that, With some alterations to that texture color wise and all that good stuff you get a pretty good underwater effect, I made one a long time ago looked great!

But he did ask nicely :raise:

Put glass up, and put a wavey water texture behind it. There was a good greenish-looking one somewhere, and I might still have it in my folder.

I think that guy who tried to make rp_bioshock used it. But above posts are right, real water doesn’t do that, it’d look flat. Best chance is a skybox and blue/greenish fog.

Zest check the link I sent.

That’s the one, thanks.

If you don’t like the green, you could easily edit it to a blue.