underwater fogging in the skybox


I’m trying to make an apparently infinite looking ocean using a skybox with water. I want the underwater geometry to fog out and/or just be the same color as the underwater fog in the main map. I don’t want to see the 2D skybox while I’m underwater from the sides.

I took a look at gm_seastruct_v2, and he uses four black func_brushes in the skybox to just obscure any of the underwater skybox geometry. This flickers ingame between the underwater fog color and black, though. I tried to also do that by texturing the underwater portion of the map boundaries with black as well, but that left these crappy lines refracting through the water when you look at the sea from above.

tl;dr: how do I make the sides underwater not look like crap?

You could possibly take the water VMF and and copy the fog settings to your sky_camera.

EDIT: You couldn’t go above water though.

Just add some kind of brick wall, then the fog will show up.
No way to get 3d skybox water fog to show up.

But… but… itt’l show up in the water from above… oh dangit.

What if I had a brush I could color with an arbitrary color, and match the underwater fog color for that water, and place the brush in the skybox? does a brush like that exist? ooo, maybe a white texture on a func_brush with an FX color? time to experiment…

EDIT: I created a func brush, textured on the relevant sides with lights/white, then set the brushes’ “Render FX” to “Color”, and the color to 15 23 25 (to match the fog color for nature/water_coast01.) Note that I had to experiment to find the right color, as the listed fog color did not match the actual rendered fog color. Yes, I’ve been testing colors and recompiling my map over and over again. Anyway, the desired illusion has been achieved. This is a shitty way to work around the problem.