Full HD Size:






Color Mod:
(Fog+Bloom+Color Mod)

Then Add SDOF and it’s finished.

too toothy, would not fuck

How are you do so beautiful light(as real) on the big monster?

hmm … just placed a lamp above the creature in the correct angle.
i don’t know how do describe it better. adjusting, adjusting … it
looks that way i wanted just because the interaction between
bloom, fog, the color mod and sdof. lots of tweaking and comparison
with underwater photos. the ingame tools are powerful IMO.

Oh my god that looks so real…Perfect job!

Very cool! Love the underwater effects and lighting.

You should try passing this off as real somewhere :smile:
Seriously though, good work as usual.

what can i even say anymore

That is some awesome lighting.

So… Fucking… Perfect…

Nice one.

Awesome lighting!

It would look better without the 2D fish on the left but holy shit.

This is great! You’re amazing! It has been a long time since somebody made pictures like those. They are original and look great.

What Gmod did you use for this picture btw? The Beta one or the normal one?

Thank you for all your comments!
I’m using the “old” Gmod. Because Gmod 13
crashes always. I have no idea why … but it’s
still a beta so that’s okay i guess.

This is just… wow…

Outstanding work!

Holy crap. How did you do…everything?

Hey, Mask? Hey… Hey, buddy?

Thanks for the new wallpaper.

By Dibella:pwn: This is impressive. One of the best underwater scenes in Gmod I have seen.
What map did you use?

Thanks! I used gm_flatgrass_dark v2.
Thread Updated with the settings.