Undestructable, lootproof storage

Codelocks are awesome.

That’s me on the left :slight_smile:

Wat, is this possible???

1 c4 and bye bye your precious cargo :stuck_out_tongue:

so you codelocked an airdrop container? doesn’t it despawn?

Only if you remove all items, it despawn’s.

Blow the base up and build around it. Always a solution.

Because you had me wondering, 2-3 c4 kills an airdrop crate. Indestructible they are not.

LOL sorry everyone. Looks like it de-spawned. Was pretty awesome for the few hours it was around though.

@SubSt8 Did you c4 one on one of your servers? We pickaxed it a bunch and shot a rocket at… it is tougher than a normal box to be sure but we didn’t through multiple c4 at it. We half expected someone to say something along the lines of “10 c4” and its gone.