[Undisclosed Gaming] PVP | Sleepers | NoDurability | InstaCraft

Hey guys I am an admin on the Rust server for Undisclosed Gaming from Click Me :3!.
We are originally from GMod RP and Minecraft, we have 4 GMod servers and 2 Minecraft ones and we are branching out to Rust!

This server offers the following:
50 Slots(Will increase depending on the success it has)
No Durability Loss
Instant craft
Remove tool
No fall
Airdrops on request(within reason)
Active admins
Longer days (55m day, 5m night)

It is hosted in Chicago, and at the moment we have 2 admins. We are looking for mods(through oxmin, all flags.) This is again if it gets populated and you are familiar with the game.

I am also open to any suggestions.

One suggestion that was floating around was to turn on no decay(thus making houses harder to break in.) I would like your opinion on that as well!

Good luck and I hope to see you all in game!


Bump :3

Bump :X

:o The server wants moar people!