Undo Button For Building Placement

Could we please have an undo button for if we misclick while placing a building material? Sometimes I make a wrong click on a major project and screw up the whole thing, especially pillars.

It would save a lot of hassle, but someone somewhere will find a way to abuse it. I dont know how, but someone will.

i Think this is not going to be anytime soon because u know building items
have their own HP . so its really hard for them to make a undo button

I feel that the trigger can use access rights much like the doors, meaning only you can undo your item and you can only do it once at a time. Somewhat like the undo feature in MSPaint without being able to do multiple undos to keep people from exploiting it.

I don’t like the idea of a undo button but I thought about an item that allows you to destroy your own placed props
since foundation, ceelings and pillars are not destroyable even not with C4.

For example a sledgehammer but not as a weapon just symbolic like if you take the research kit, paint it red
and give it a sledgehammer logo.


I haven’t done it yet, but I very much live in fear of fucking up a pillar… :frowning:

Scary business, even the ability to quickly destroy your own buildings would be a workaround.