Undoing a complex dupe crashes the game

When I undo a small dupe, such as a barrel with thrusters, nothing happens, but when I undo something complex, such as an advanced plane or massive building, the game freezes for about a second or two and then just closes. Is this a bug that’s been introduced in a recent patch? Because it really should be fixed.

Yeah, it’s a bug. I’ve heard changing to the dev version of GMod fixes it, however an update will hopefully be out soon. You can use the remover tool to undo stuff until then, however it’s going to take a while to undo an entire house with that tool.

I have the same problem if I remove the things with the remover tool.

Try advanced remover tool.

it’s a bug with gmod’s nocollide tool. dev version fixes it. also you should have posted in help+discussion. how to use dev build of gmod