Unexplainable Input Lag and Low FPS

I’ll list my specs as much as I know how. I’m more than sure my computer is speedy enough.

Intel i7-4800MQ CPU @ 2.7 GHz
8.00 GB ram
A 1tb Hard drive
64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium
I’m not sure if this matters, it is a 1900x1080 screen on a ~15in screen laptop. It’s a customized Valkyrie laptop I got from ibuypower.

Issue: With the game at a reduced resolution of about 1400x1050, lowest render settings, grass off, grass sway off, ssaa off, and finally my DirectX settings as low as possible, I am able to play the game at a max of 25 fps and about 1 second of input lag. My computer’s specs are MUCH higher than the game requires for it to run at max settings and 60 fps, why am I getting such bad performance when I play? This only happens with Rust, no other game. I have posted about this topic a few times and have gotten some help but nothing that fixes the issue so far. Please help me! I love playing Rust but it has been unplayable with these issues.

Man, I’m having the same issues with similar specs. For some reason I feel like the game is playing from the “Intel HD Graphics” instead of my NVIDIA Quadro 1000m.

You basically described what I’m experiencing word for word, and here’s my full specs:

Intel i7-2760QM @2.4 ghz
16.00 GB Ram
NVIDIA Quadro 1000M
512 GB SSD
64bit Win 7

The game is very GPU intensive and you both have mobile GPU’s. It will probably improve with time, as it’s still in alpha.

The 770m is one of the highest end GPUs NVIDIA offers, only ~4 having higher specs… If you need anything higher to play the game in it’s current state then the player base would be very restrictive.

Do either of you have an Optimus setup? You need to go into your Nvidia control panel and change the “Preferred graphics processor” from “Auto-select” to “High-performance Nvidia processor”.

Your using your integrated gfx as the guy said. My laptop had a bios update where I could force it into high performance mode all the time so the integrated card never got used (why wod I want it to anyway wish I could rip that shit out)
Anyway that laptop now lives under my bed desktop ftw

They messed up the code somewhere, Objects now cause a obscene amount of stutter and load times.

Oh my-… Thank you all of you ;DDDDDD!
Thank you Rufus66!
Thank you Panoptic!
Thank you Cynthesis!
Thank you MrTHC!
Thank you Jacove!

Thank you all so much, i’m so happy! I can finally play the game with my friends :). If anyone of you have a cool server for me to settle on please do share it. I have yet to find one to my liking. Thank you all again so much, it runs beautifully with no input lag! :))