[UNFINISHED][ASSETS]Star Fox: Shadows of Lylat

I want to share this with everyone who is interested. This was supposed to be a total conversion for Freespace, but never was finished because the team slowly dissolved, going their own separate ways. This is what’s left of the mod.


Here are some screenshots of the mod.





And finally, the download LINK. There are two links. The Assets link are the completed ones. It is 407MB. The other is WIP models.

If it isn’t working, here are direct links to the download:
Sol Assets Release
Sol WIP Assets

There is a plugin for 3ds max can import pof files, but for version 4, 5 and 6.


Use this tool:POF Constructor Suite
Install it, then convert it to a COB file. Older versions of Blender can use this file format (3ds max or maya does not support it)
Use this tool:
All editions supports COB files: http://metaseq.net/en/editions.html
Another tool: 3D Explorer
If anyone can find other ways to convert these models, then please don’t hesitate to post. Enjoy!