Unfinished Pokemon Player Room Map

A couple days ago i started making a map based off of Pallet Town and Route 1 but i ran into some problems with it so i decided to abandon the project. Anyway here’s the zip file of the project:
if anyone wants to finish it be my guest just be sure to let me know so i could play it when it’s done. In the zip file i’ve included the bsp, vmf, and vtfs, along with some custom textures.

Screenshots plz?

Oops sorry




this is all ive got.

Man ash must live in the ghetto :v:

haha yea it was made using HL2 thus the reason for the crappy bed, tv and window. Also i’m new to mapping. But the window was the main reason why i abandoned the project i couldn’t get the other side right. And it led to many more problems.

What do you mean couldn’t get the other side right? we might be able to help you

Pokemon: Super Realism Mod- Source?

Would play.

well everytime i tried to use the clipping tool to make the other side of the window the selected area would end up in a very weird place and when i finally got the selected area inside the window the 2 sides of the windows were not lined up at all. And then SDK wouldn’t let me add a glass window texture to the outside of the house.

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its funny that you say that because originally i was planning on starting a project of mapping all the pokemon areas. For example this map was gonna be Pallet Town and Route 1, and then the next map was gonna be Viridian City, Viridian Forest and the side road to the entrance to the Pokemon League.

Screenshots please.

when i try and use the clipping tool i get really weird brush shapes:



and then the selected area on the outside of the house becomes too big:


and then when i apply the texture it doesn’t completely apply it because you could still see the nodraw underneath it: