Unfinished RP Map

Hi :v

Ive been making a rp map for a gamemode which i am yet to start, i’d like some feedback or something if possible.

Its been a while since ive posted on the thread so ive decided to bump it as the map is about to undergo playtesting so i can have most things fixed before it goes onto the workshop.

Here are some screenshots of the surface and a small section of the underground :>

Looks nice, only thing I don’t like in these screens is the road texture because it doesn’t properly match up.

Looks amazing! What time of day is it going to be in?

Loving the inner-city vibe it gives off.
Could you possibly get some screenshots which show the size of some of the buildings(ie. comparing to something like a jalopy)?

What’s the trigger for on the tower?

This looks neat!
On the Hostel Diordna sign the bare wood texture should not be part of the sign face.

I agree, i am going to look into tweaking of the textures, at the moment everything is rotated on different angles hence the misalignment.

Ill be implementing a toggleable day/night cycle.

Invisible metal, im using BlackMesa Source content, and they replaced the metal texture with a guitar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed (:

Updated first post.

Also, I suggest you to change the plain wall texture on this screenshot.
It seems to be a bit unfitting, unless you’re going to add some trim / borders and a sign on it.

… Though, it may be just my strange “everything needs a border” OCD.


It is meant to be a cinema. I don’t really have any good textures to identify it as one, or any details to go on there. It bothers me so feel free to suggest something better/different.

And it feels like stuff looks weird if i don’t add a trim/border, i’d need an alternative if i were to remove it.

This looks great!

I like it. I hope I get to see this in alot of RP Servers whenever it’s available.

Justified bump :v much progress made, criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Max out the settings when taking in-game screenshots.

I forgot about the fact that when the game runs after compiling it uses bad settings. My bad.

My feedback :

Slaps him in the back of his head
Finish the map damnit ! It’s too good to be unreleased x)
Fantastic work seriously, keep it up.

If you change the settings in the ‘version’ of the game that runs after compiling, it’ll save it as it’s own just the same. Just a not-so-pro-tip for the future.

It will probably be on the workshop within the next 2 days, hopefully.

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Ooh oki will do!

I think that some of the low res buildings are too close to the scene. Instead, you should close off the areas with solid brushwork and use the low res buildings for more distant scenery.

I love the design, but I hate when someone adds detail by doing some shapes using brushes instead of models.

Ill look into it, im kind of at the point where i cant be bothered doing this anymore and i just want it done :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to do a mixture of both