Unfinished RP VMF

This map has been sat in my external hard drive for about 3 years and I have decided it is time to let someone else have it. It is missing textures due to reformatting it was from a big pack but there easily replaced.

Here is some pictures I couldn’t be bothered rendering it again so I have got old pictures and a hammer picture of what state it is at currently.




Download: http://www.filefront.com/16538667/AntoH---rp_wip.zip/

I have some of the textures that I made lying about like lock and unlock textures if anyone wants them I can upload them but they only took 2 minutes to make.

Looks nice! I see no harm in playing in it.

I have an old .bsp I could upload it if you really want but there is more stuff in the vmf.

Looks like a good map, Continue it twisted-scot!! :v:

I really wouldn’t know where to start lost all motivation to do anything with it. I have a new project though first one since gms_atoll_2008.

Well the new project better be better :v:!

That’s blocky.

Thank you for your input on a 3 year old map.



Twisted-scot add me on steam please so we can speak. My steam is conn08.