unfixable gmod!

my textures/skins/meshes are all completely black or invisible. moving parts (wheels/limbs) do not move and all ragdolls are stiff. how can i fix this??
i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled gmod several times, ive done the same with hl2 ep2 and cs:s but still no change, when i looked inside the hl2 ep2 folder there was only savegames, even though i had recently reinstalled it.

verify game cache.

Start EP2 once and more stuff should be in the folder.

ok thanks, but how do i verify my game cache?

(very new to this stuff)

Play your Source games at least once, then start up GMod.

Also, a screenshot of this could also help if the previous options do not solve the problem.

While we are at it: Steam Profile please. Just to make sure you aren’t a pirate :v:

Right Click Garrys Mod -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache

ok i’ve definately paid for cs:s hl2ep2 and gmod - my steam profile id:jjthebest33
screenshot: - ill try to post one soon, but currently gmod is being a bitch and going really slow and crashing on startup. so give me a sec

gmod has been working up until i got rid of all my addons. but i have no idea how that would cause this problem because i have uninstalled and reinstalled. ---- also, started ep2 and apparently it hadnt installed properly, so that might be one problem.

Well if you can’t get a pic and it’s getting worse try the following:

Rename your garrysmod folder to garrysmodold or something like that then start up Garry’s Mod and see if that fixes the problem. (steam/steamapps/<steamname>/garrysmod)

ok thanks everyone, ill steam wouldnt start because my internet was lying and telling me it was connected when it was not, ill post an update after ep2 has finished properly downloading, if it still doesnt work ill try datmeg’s solution. after that then i dunno…

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installing ep2 did nothing. im hesitant to try datmegs solution, but i managed to get a screenshot:

which wont paste?? im getting a little frustrated now…

You have to upload it to a site like imageshack or tinypic then link it on the forums using [noparse]